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Mini Bag - Fire Engine

Fabric: Tough, nylon, water-resistant 
Cord: Durable black nylon 
Cleaning: Machine wash cold / hang dry 
Size: 16″ wide x 6″ edge 
Made: Made in USA – Seattle 
Ages 3+ This product contains small parts. This is NOT a toy.

Our Mini Bag is a portable, toy storage bag for kids and families on the go! Ideal for legos and other small toys, cosmetics, art supplies, lunches and snacks, knitting supplies, tech gadgets, and collections of all sorts! Modern. Simple. Designed for life.

Use: Pull cords outward on each side of the bag and secure closed with cord locks. 

How much Lego does it hold? Our Minis hold over 5 pounds of Lego!

Care: Machine wash cold + hang dry. 


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