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The Swoop Story

Thirty years ago, my grandmother gave my brother a handmade storage bag for his heaping pile of Lego® pieces. Years later, when my own son got knee-deep into Lego®, my mom remembered that  bag and made a similar one for my boys. Friends would come over to our house and say, “WOW! Where did you get that lego bag? What a FANTASTIC solution to contain the crazy Lego® mess!” The idea of Swoop Bags was born. (You can read the full story on our  BLOG)

Today, I give you SWOOP BAGS – a re-imagined, modern version of the original bag my grandmother made. As a graphic designer who loves and breathes modern design and the busy mother of two Lego-loving kids, I sought out to create a bag that was modern in style, simple to use, and very well made.

Our large Swoop Bags not only make cleanup time a breeze, they also double as a circular play mat when opened up and spread out on the floor. They are made from 100% cotton canvas durable nylon cording.

Our Swoop Minis, made from tough, water-resistant material (think back-pack material) are our portable, travel-size version of the large bag – perfect for kids and families on the go. Who said you couldn’t take your favorite Lego pieces to the beach? Swoop Bags are durable and designed to last using the and guaranteed for life. 

Our Swoop Bags come in bold, bright, fun colors to choose from and our bags are stylish enough to stash in any room of the house. All our products are proudly made right here in Seattle, too!

“Just SWOOP it up!”

Sarah Kirk

swoop bag inspiration

Give a Swoop. Get a Smile.

We believe in paying it forward, which is why a percentage of every sale goes to support   Operation Smile. You smile, they smile, we all smile. For more information about Operation Smile click   here.


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