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Original Swoop Bag - Lime

Clean up in a flash with Swoop Bags – the ultimate, modern toy storage bag + playmat in one. Your ideal solution for  Lego storage and small toys like Playmobil®, trains, cars, blocks, dolls, Lincoln Logs®, Lego Duplos® bricks, stuffed animals and more! Totally, a cleanup dream for parents, caregivers or anyone that is facing the challenge of cleaning up a huge mess of Lego pieces! Just “Swoop up” the bag with the nylon cords that are located on each side of the bag. Tie cords to secure closed and stow in a bin, hang on a bed post, hook or door nob. Cleanup made simple.

Fabric: 100% sturdy cotton canvas
Cord: Durable black nylon
Cleaning: Machine wash cold /  hang dry
Size: 44″ wide when opened
Made: Made in USA – Seattle
Warning! This in NOT a toy. Ages 3+

How much Lego does it hold? These large bags hold a lot of Lego pieces! We designed the bag to be the perfect size so kids can actually “Swoop-up” the bag. Our large bags can hold up to 15 pounds of Lego pieces and our minis hold up to about 5 pounds.

Care: Spot cleaning is best OR you can empty out the items from your bag and then put in the dryer for about 15 minutes to remove the lint and dust from the bag. If you are going to machine wash your Swoop, use a  cold cycle and  hang dry your bag. The cream edge can become a bit wrinkly after washing.



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