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Super Bag - Seattle Gray

Fabric: Tough, water-resistant fabric (nylon/poly)
Cord: Durable black nylon
Cleaning: Machine wash cold /  hang dry
Size: 44″ wide when opened + 6" edge piece
Made: Made in USA – Seattle
Warning! This is NOT a toy. Ages 3+

Tired of stepping on Lego pieces? Swoop Bags to the rescue! Our toy bags are made from strong, durable, water-resistant fabric. Our Swoop Bags are still the most desirable Lego bag & toy mat on the market because our top priority is quality, simplicity and durability.

Use: “Swoop up” the bags with the nylon cords on each side, tie cords to secure closed and stow in a bin, hang on a bed post, hook or door knob. Cleanup made simple.™

How much Lego does it hold? Our Super Swoop Bags hold over 17 pounds of Lego!

Care: Machine wash cold + hang dry. These bags come out looking like new!


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